AirLock Digital

Airlock Digital assists organisations to implement and maintain Allowlisting, simply and securely, in dynamic computing environments.

Allowlisting (formerly known as application whitelisting) is considered a foundational cybersecurity strategy due to its effectiveness in the prevention of sophisticated malware and filebased attacks such as ransomware. As a result, implementing allowlisting is highly recommended in a number of cybersecurity compliance frameworks including NIST, ASD Essential Eight and CMMC.


  • Workflow basesd application whitelisting
  • Simple deployment, operation and maintenance
  • Realtime reporting, detection and reponse
  • Lightweight
  • Prevent ransomware and target dcyber intrusions
  • Meet security compliance


  • Pro-actively block malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks
  • Reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches and the cost associated to recover
  • Extend operational life of legacy systems and reduce the burden on IT resources
  • Meet and maintain compliance requirements & regulatory standards