Polar MDR

Hunting threats and responding to them once discovered, Polar Bear Cyber Security Group’s MDR provides a wide array of security services, including investigation, analysis, response and recovery of incidents through a detailed remediation plan. To mention the main benefit of MDR, it helps rapid identification of threats and limits the impact of threats.



Incident handling and issue prioritization

Event-driven targeted threat hunting


Threat investigation

Continuous threat detection rule review

Isolation and response

Customized, self-configurable reports, etc.


Comprehensive view of security posture

24/7 or 8/5 monitoring and investigation of threats

Shortening the required time to setup and operate MDR team

Providing organization the ability to completely focus on its organizational goals, missions, and assets

Detection and prioritization of events and incidents

The latest security tools, methods and data, to ensure of the latest threat detection and response

Fast response to cyber incidents in order to mitigate attacks

Filling the gap between detection of the attacks and mitigating the identified ones

Cost Reduction

Shortening the required time to maturing the organization’s network security