Polar MSS

Polar Bear is a Security Services company that facilitates enterprises rework their security operations in order that they will anticipate, adapt and reply to cyber threats with confidence. Our services are steam-powered through our SaaS-based SOC services delivery platform to drive operational potency with complete transparency.

Our virtual analyst, accelerates threat detection and response activities by learning from and adapting to endless sources of information to supply context and help correct incidents. within the face of a progressively hostile threat environment, Polar Bear integrates all the key components you wish to detect threats early and respond quickly and resolutely – whereas giving versatile engagement models that create sense for your business.


Our services are designed to enable flexibility, adapting to customer needs as their requirements change throughout their security transformation journey, and facilitating high-touch engagement. Regardless of the service, you are assigned a service delivery team to ensure efficient and agile delivery of services and that technical requirements are met throughout the client’s lifecycle.

24×7 Operations

acquire real-time, continuous monitoring, detection, and response via a cloud-based service delivery platform

Customized Playbooks

concentrate and standardize responses exploitation clearly outlined and automatic digital playbooks.

Orchestration & Integration

Seamless integration with SIEM, EDR, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and incident management platforms gives one pane of glass view.


See what our analysts see and have visibility into all activities


Our Managed Detection and Response services provide continuous visibility of your surroundings and offer proactive threat detection and response capabilities across on-prem, cloud, SaaS and termination environments.

These services provide 24×7 security alert monitoring, automated enrichment, triage, careful investigation and response activities to contain threats and minimize impact. Our nation-state level security analysts endlessly enhance their investigations with up-to-date data from our threat intelligence and looking groups to reinforce threat detection activities and perform targeted investigations to spot antecedently unknown threats.


Continuous collection and aggregation of Security Event logs from security sensors at intervals your on-premises or cloud IT infrastructure

24×7 operations monitoring, alert triage, investigation, and initial response

Managed threat containment and remediation help

Event-driven, targeted threat hunting and reconnaissance mission

Deployment, maintenance and continuous improvement of threat detection and response use case content via our Use Case works

Threat intelligence, through alert enrichment and news


  • Extension of your team – releasing up your security team’s capability by complementing your staff, in order that they will shift their focus to higher priority tasks
  • Guided  correction and investigation – time period analyst support via the platform’s ChatOps module, as per clearly outlined playbooks
  • Transparency into SOC activities – Full visibility into activities dole out by each our analysts and consumer groups through our  platform
  • Understanding the foundation cause – Correlation of multiple alerts into one incident at intervals our platform, in order that you perceive the foundation cause
  • Collaboration with our consultants – time period collaboration between multiple groups facultative economical responses to advanced incidents


Provides support through plus discovery, vulnerability identification, and issue prioritization – serving to you correct vulnerabilities that are possibly to own vital impact on your business. we tend to use a unique, threat-centric approach to assist you proactively sight vulnerabilities, place problems and effectively minimize exposures.


Planning, design, implementation, configuration, improvement and management of a Vulnerability Management platform

Asset classification and risk categorization

Machine-driven scanning of assets for on-premises and cloud environments

Correlation against live threat intelligence feeds to place high risk vulnerabilities

Correlation of vulnerabilities and patches (where relevant) for specific hosts, supported CVEs and patch handiness

Regular news relating to insecure vulnerabilities, correction recommendations and patch availability


  • Concentrate on vulnerabilities that matter – Prioritization of vulnerabilities based on internal and external observance
  • Offload the operational employment to our team – Offload day-after-day vulnerability monitoring, correlation and prioritization to our team, therefore you’ll concentrate on correction
  • Quicker alert sorting and enrichment – change additional economical threat detection, with alerts enriched with threatcentric vulnerability information
  • Wide visibility across your IT estate – Gain visibility into weaknesses across your on-premises and cloud assets that might be exploited within the wild


Polar Bear offers each remote and on-site  support to prepare, manage, and reply to security incidents, reducing potential data loss and serving to your team effectively get over an attack. Our DFIR personnel isolates any unwanted activity, contains it, and works to spot the supply of the safety breach and helps assess its scope.

Our consultants additionally prepare a radical incident report description the impact of the investigation and sharing any relevant findings. wherever necessary, Polar Bear’s team also has expertise in serving within the capability of judicial proceeding support.


24×7 incident response hotline in the event of a security incident or if Incident Response (IR) experience is required

Analysis and prioritization of security incidents and investigation of root cause, establishing a close timeline and reconstructing attacks

Help in information assortment and providing chain-of-custody

Rhetorical investigations and analysis for endpoints, network, mobile and cloud artifacts

Operating closely with the social control authorities in transitioning case proof (where relevant)


  • Fast response to cut back dwell time – Pre-defined agreement for incident response support, to avoid pricey delays and name injury
  • Access to on-call incident responders – Access to consultants who have stayed going to understand your technical surroundings and business objectives
  • Support for a good vary of proactive IR services – Repurpose any remaining retainer hours towards different services to up your incident readiness
  • Understanding of the foundation reason for an occasion – Tracing however associate degree attack happened exploitation electronic information recovery and malware analysis
  • Support for a good vary of connected DFIR activities including:
    • IR readiness assessments
    • Compromise assessments
    • Business email compromise
    • Cyber risk assessment
    • Phishing simulations
    • Table-top exercises
    • Ransomware simulation tests
    • Red, blue and purple teaming exercises