Polar SIEM

Securing data with a wide range of unintegrated security solutions causes a large volume of security reports exclusive to each, a high volume of produced alerts, and inconsistent and incorrect reports which in turn bring about attack prediction, detection and response failures. Covering all these security needs without making fundamental changes in the structure of the systems, an advanced SOC is needed to be designed to enable 7/24 monitoring and controlling the data flow in-an-outside the organization which in turn requires powerful SIEM tools.
Polar SIEM and its modules in the following is the one produced to receive, monitor and analyze the most diverse events.

Key Features

  • Collecting events from different data sources
  • Homogenization of the events
  • Filtering useless events and alerts
  • Correlation of events
  • Detection of the origin of events
  • Implementation of the organizational policies
  • Compliance with organizational policies
  • Identification and prioritization of events
  • Updating rules
  • intelligent network behavior Analysis and quick incident recognition
  • event analysis 7/24
  • storage and quick recovery of events
  • Identification of useless and incorrect reports and alerts
  • Data visualization dashboards
  • statistical reports
  • Discovery of vulnerabilities and matching them to the network events
  • inbound traffic Analysis using internal IDS
  • intelligent identification of Zero-Day attacks and anomalies
  • generation and analysis of Netflow data
  • Centralized monitoring of the modules

Compatibility with the organizational needs

Modular design of the PolarSIEM product provides ease of deployment with its specific architecture based on an organizations’ needs and available resources.

  • Hierarchical architecture: This architecture is used in cases where the organization has independent affiliates with different resources; and the process of observation and hierarchical update is done based on the architectural design in each organization or branch.
  • Scalable architecture: In this architecture, support for higher EPS rate along with faster search and longer preservation of data is customized with an organization’s needs. An example of this customization is given below.
    • Add various modules by plug & play
    • Cluster various PolarSIEM modules
    • Support HA at the module level
    • Support data replication
    • Set retention policies to manage data

How Polar SIEM Supports Compliance Obligations to Protect Your Enterprise

Mitre Attack

NIST 800-53