Polar Zone

Polar Zone ensures web browsing security through isolated threat protection


Desktop Workspaces

Desktop as a Service

Desktop access in seconds - on any device, from any location, securely through the web browser.



Polar Zone, utilizing application and browser segregation, isolates organizational networks from the Internet, ensuring secure user access to both online resources and internal systems

No need for extensive changes in the network infrastructure
Decrease huge costs of creating isolated systems and networks with minimal flexibility to access the internal network and the Internet at the same time
Prevent from malware/ransomware
Protect the intellectual property ownership of the organization’s data


Minimize TCO

Minimize TCO

  • Optimize Budget Management
  • Prevent Zero-day Malware, ransomware and Phishing threats
  • Don’t buy hardware per user
  • Minimize the implementation, upgrade and maintenance costs
  • Don’t hire technical experts for infrastructure maintenance
  • Reduce and manage internet costs
  • Rapid application of security policies on internet (time, personnel)
  • Minimize storage space
  • Reduce System complexities
  • Ease of management
  • Reduce internet risks
  • Easy to Backup and restore data
Increase Agility

Increase Agility

  • Centralized Design
  • Flexible Architecture


Users within the internal network are designated to the Users Zone. This segment lacks direct internet connectivity and resides within the secured network perimeter. Access limitations vary based on configurations set by the system administrator for individual users or groups. While users operate within the local network via their systems, any requisite internet tasks are conducted through the Browser Isolation network using the POLAR ZONE interface, where the security protocols and isolated browser functionalities are housed.


  • Agentless
  • works in all platforms
  • Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)
  • Implemented in Dockers container environment
  • User access management
  • Creating separate profiles for each user
  • integrated platform
  • Easy update
  • User Interface by Innovative User Experience (UX)
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Reliability and Security


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Based on 22 reviews


Polar Zone's remote browser isolation is a leap ahead in online security. It keeps my browsing experience smooth while effectively warding off threats. A must-have for anyone concerned with digital safety!

David Harrison

David Harrison


In today's digital landscape, Polar Zone is a beacon of security. The remote browser isolation it offers ensures every click is shielded from potential harm. Stellar product!

Brian Kim

Brian Kim


With Polar Zone, I feel a genuine sense of security every time I'm online. Its advanced isolation technology provides a safeguard like no other. A remarkable innovation for the web!

Carlos Gutierrez

Carlos Gutierrez


Polar Zone stands out in the realm of online protection. Its remote browser isolation is seamless and robust, giving me peace of mind during each browsing session. Highly recommend!

Jordan Oluwaseun

Jordan Oluwaseun


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