Polar ZONE

Polar Zone, which is based on the segregation of users’ applications and browsers, isolates the organizations internal network from the Internet, and provides users with access to the Internet and the organization’s internal network while maintaining security.

  • No need for extensive changes in the network infrastructure
  • Decrease huge costs of creating isolated systems and networks with minimal flexibility to access the internal network and the Internet at the same time
  • Prevent from malware/ransomware
  • Protect the intellectual property ownership of the organization’s data

Key Benefits

1- Minimize TCO

  • Optimize Budget Management
  • Prevent Zero-day Malware, ransomware and Phishing threats
  • Don’t buy hardware per user (CapEx)
  • Minimize the implementation, upgrade and maintenance costs (CapEx)
  • Don’t hire technical experts for infrastructure maintenance (OpEx)
  • Reduce and manage internet costs (OpEx)
  • Rapid application of security policies on internet (time, personnel), (OpEx)
  • Minimize storage space (CapEx)
  • Reduce System complexities (CapEx)
  • Ease of management (OpEx)
  • Reduce internet risks (OpEx)
  • Easy to Backup and restore data

2. Increase Agility due to centralized design and flexible architecture


  • Browser Isolation (Agentless and Multiplatform)
  • User access management
  • integrated platform
  • Control users’ access to unclassified and insecure websites
  • Printer sharing management
  • User Interface by Innovative User Experience (UX)
  • Easy update
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Reliability and Security