Endpoint Protector offers a rich portfolio of easy to use, cross-platform Data Loss Prevention tools that ensure seamless control of USB and peripheral ports, scan data in motion and data at rest, enforce encryption and offer enterprise mobility management.

Key Features

  • Device Control
  • Content Aware Protection
  • Enforced Encryption
  • eDiscovery
  • Detailed reports of user activity
  • Cross-Platform protection
  • Granular policies
  • Predefined compliance profiles

SecureIdentity Platform is a suite of solutions that focuses on user experience and provides verifiable trust in every activity you perform. The suite of the solutions together combine to offer an overall solution to protect the identity of the user, the data, and the device.



Enforcing access decisions around applications and data repositories.

Flexible and effective authentication across platform, device and authentication method.

Data protection from malware, insider threat and human error – on & off premises & cloud

MetaDefender is a cybersecurity platform for preventing and detecting cybersecurity threats on multiple data channels such as web, email, portable media devices, and endpoints.

Key Features

  • Prevent Zero-Day Attacks and Evasive Malware
  • Highest Threat Detection with Multiscanning
  • Detect Vulnerable Software before Installation
  • Detect Sensitive Data in Files and Emails
  • Analyze Threat Data from Multiple Sources in Real-Time
  • MetaDefender Deploys in the Cloud or in Local Environments