SIEM Implementation and Tuning Service

                                 Benefit leveraging SIEM as your security foundation to achieve real-time visibility into network activity and catch

your threats effectively, through its capabilities in Log Management, Real-Time Monitoring and Incident Investigation.

                                  Collecting data across the entire network environment, parsing (or normalizing) data, and correlating that data,

this solution enables you address issues before they become a significant financial risk and also manage assets effectively.



Hierarchical implementation, establishment, and monitoring

Key Features

Modular structure and scalable design

incorporating Event of Interest (EOI) into organizational policies, users’ behaviors, and organizational assets

Effective log management

Integration with ticketing systems

Long-term storage of events and supporting functionalities

Detecting abnormalities and unusual behaviors

Reduce mean time to detect (MTTD)

Hierarchical implementation, establishment, and monitoring